The automotive sector is one of the the most productive branch of the Polish economy, standing for 8% of GDP. The driving force of this sector is manufacturig of automotive parts and accessories, which constitutes as much as 57% of total value of the whole automotive sector production. It is this sector that greatly contributed in Poland achieving position of the basin of production that counts in Europe and over the world.


The way which is taken by a spare part before it reaches the targeted customer (as a separate element or a vehicle component) may prove to be astonishing. There functions an incorrect image amongst the car users that these are vehicle manufacturers that constitute the primary source of the parts supply onto the market. Yet, the car parts are designed in the R&B centers of the indepedent automotive parts manufacturers. This is where revolutionary technologies and solutions from almost all automotive areas come into being in order to become standard in all brand new cars. Parts manufacturers deliver their products not only to vehicle manufacturers but independent car parts distributors, as well.