Alfred Franke

President of Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers

Graduate from Warsaw University of Technology. For 27 years closely related to the automotive sector. Independent expert, co-owner of, a company that specializes in automotive parts market research. Since 2005 President of SDCM, in years 2011-2015 FIGIEFA Member of the Board. Since 2018, Member of the Board at CLEPA.

Bogumił Papierniok

Member of the Board (Moto-Profil Sp. z o. o.)

Graduate from Silesian University of Technology, Transportation Faculty, and postgraduate studies on Human Resources Management at University of Silesia.

For 25 years engaged in the automotive market through the company Moto-Profil. His carrier path - from warehouseman-salesman, through the managing director to the position of vice-president and close cooperation with domestic and international suppliers - brought him huge experience in the field of spare parts distrubution on the IAM.

Mariusz Dankowski

Member of the Board (Groupauto Polska Sp. z o. o.)

Graduate from Theory of Economics at the Univeristy of Warsaw. For 26 years, he has been associated with the automotive industry, nowadays President of Groupauto Polska, the Polish structure of Alliance Automotive Group. Since the end of 2017, after acquisition, AAG has become the European Part of Genuine Parts Company, the world largest aftermarket company (its turnover equals over 10 bln USD).

Sławomir Weleziński

Member of the Board (Delphi Powertrain Sp. z o. o./ Delphi Technologies)

Delphi Powertrain Poland Sp. z o. o. and Regional Director of Delphi Technologies Aftermarket in the Eastern Europe. In 2009, he joined the team of Delphi Products & Services Solutions as National Director of Poland and Ukraine, and next he took care over the central Europe countries. Since 2018 he has hold the position of Regional Director Delphi Technologies Aftermarket in the Eastern Europe and he has been responsble for the company's operations in over 20 countries.

Krzysztof Soszyński

Member of the Board (Inter Cars S.A.)

Graduate from the Warsaw University of Technology and Leon Koźmiński's Academy in Warsaw. At Inter Cars SA, he optimizes business operations, focuses on innovation and creates the company's strategy and supervizes foreign subsidiaries. From the beginning of his career he has been associated with the automotive parts and accessories market. In 2001, he was appointed a Member of the Board of Inter Cars S.A., and in the year of 2008 he took position of Vice President of the Board. He has also introduced Inter Cars onto the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Piotr Grzemski

OLX Group

Director of the Category of Automotive Parts at the OLX Group. Graduate from Adam Mickiwicz's University in Poznan. For over 10 years, he has been engaged in e-commerce projects in various industries, the automotive sector included. Since 2011, he has been dealing with marketing and communication of the OTOMOTO brand, implementing new products and solutions related to trade of vehicles and spare parts.

Robert Dzierżanowski

Robert Bosch Sp. z o.o.

For 25 years associated with the automotive market. In the past, working at Mercedes-Bez HQ, in the aftresales department, he coordinated projects dedicated for customers buying and servicing of the vehicles branded by Mercedes-Benz. Among others, he was responsible for the Service 24 project, mobilo, worhshop analysis and many others. Since 2001, he has been associated with Robert Bosch company, initially responsible for product trainings for the workshop market. Since 2004, he has been responsible for development of the servicing concept in Bosch in Poland - mainly the autorized networks of Bosch Car Service and Auto Crew.

Łukasz Żak

Lumag Sp. z o.o

His professional career began from management of Lumag subsidiary in the years 2012-2014. Since 2014 until today he has worked in Lumag, where he was responsible for sales. Nowadays, his main resposiblity is marketing and distribution company in Great Britain. Happy father.

Mariusz Pawluk

President of the Board at

PAs an entrepreneur, he has experience in trade of over 12 years out of which for 7 years he has been associated directly with the automotuive industry. In 2010, he launched first IT project, in which he managed application develoment and distribution modeling. Currently, President of the Board of Motorro owning portal - a platform for selling of the automotive parts dedicated for store and workshp wholesalers.

Cezary Kaźmierczak

President of Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

In the 80s undeground publisher and conspirator, decorated by the Polish President with Officer's Cross of Polonia Restituta. Author of numerous artlicles about Polad, published in the undergraound press and in the West. Winner of the SDP prize for editing Metrum Magazine. In the years of 1989 - 1996 he stayed in USA, where he was Editor in Chief of the Polish Community daily called Dziennik Czicagowski, Kurier, among others, than he worked in a marketing agency there. When he came back to Poland, he became a Sales Director at RMF FM radio station, and next he established a coaching company Midwest ITSE (1997), and in the year 2000 MMT Management Agency. For couple of years, he personally ran hundrests of trainings on sales, management of sales and communication.

Jarosław Wyka

Quality Manager Tomex Hamulce

For 10 years he has been associated with the company and brand of TOMEX Hamulce as the Quality management System Representative. Graduate from University of Economics and Environment in Poznań in teh field of commodity science and economics. For many years he has been associated with improving of the product quality and processes in TOMEX. Apart from this, he is a member of Kaizen Coordinators Club, leading auditor of the certification unit, owner of a consulting company in the field of quality management and processes in manufacturing companies of SME sector.

Ewa Wiśniowska

Business Development Manager Valeo Service EE

Professionally associated with the atomotive market from 2002. In recent years, she has been particularly engaged in the area of businees development. She manages prospective automotive projests in the area of e-commerce, modern, insurance and fleet market. She creates new strategies based on many years of experience gained in IAM, market research, simultaneously taking into account the dynamically changing market environment.