What we do


Our organization participates actively in various activities and projects in favor of automotive parts distributors and producers. Great part of our job consists in evaluation of issues of a legistative character. Equally, we are deeply engaged into preparing of publications on the automotive parts sector. We inspire and execute social and informational campaigns, e.g. “Bezpieczny Warsztat” (Trusted Workshop) or “Warsztat Roku” (Workshop of the Year).

Main areas of activity in short:

  • Cooperation with  FIGIEFA
  • Cooperation with  CLEPA
  • Vehicle Testing Centers regulations (SKP)
  • Financing of R&D activities
  • Energy and environmental protection
  • Safety and mobility development, telematics
  • Development and competitiveness
  • Type approval and certification
  • Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers
  • Promotion of the Polish automotive sector at home and abroad
  • Activities against the grey zone