We would like to invite you to engage actively in the desision making processes on key issues in the automotive sector in Poland and Europe. Membership in SDCM creates the opportunity to establish long-term relations with potential business partners as well as strenghtening them with the current ones. We provide access to the hottest information on the market and its surroundings.

Joinig SDCM is easy – it is enough to call our office and we will take care of the formalities. The membership fee depends on the size of your company and it is taylored in such a way so that to make it comfortable for you while becoming our Member.


  • Being a part of a unique platform of agreement between companies and other organizations operating on the automotive market;
  • Share of voice in creating favourable legal surroundings for the automotive sector;
  • Influence on the shape of legal environment for the automotive sector;
  • Access to the current information on automotive sector;
  • Access to the initiatives undertaken in favour of automotive industry and market ;
  • Participation in the largest automotive events;
  • Chance for establishing long-term business relations with other Members;
  • Opportunity for unlimited benefit from expert knowledge;
  • Possibility of joing the Working Groups dedicated to selected topics of your interest;
  • Gaining a representative body in relations with public instututions at both domestic and European level.


Memberhip in our Association is voluntary and it does not limit independent activity of a Member in any degree. The Association brings together representatives of distributors and producers of parts and accessories, car workshops as well institutions and organizations operating in the sector and around it, as well.