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About us

SDCM is the Polish voice of the automotive industry and market. It associates 154 biggest players of the sector, Members of SDCM, representing industry, market and services of total value of PLN140 billion annually, and delivering over 300 thousands workplaces. We belong to the biggest European organizations engaged in the automoive parts sector – CLEPA and FIGIEFA, having strong influence on the legislative decision making processes on the international level. Thanks to cooperation of producers, distributors and automotive workshops, the largest oraganization of companies was established. It represents the automotive sector in the field of production and distribution of spare parts as well as services related to the automotive industry.


Real impact on legistalive processes on both domestic and internationa level
Constant work on ensuring coherent and consistent development of international trade and global technical harmonization
Promotion of innovation and works in the area of R&D
Working for further development of industry and market of the automotive parts sector
Brand-awareness and educational activities aiming at widening social recognition of current situation, opportunities and threats facing both automotive industry and market
Realization of the above tasks always in line with fair competition and antitrust law


Automotive Sector in Numbers

Automotive industry and market stands for
8% of GDP

300 000

PLN 32 bn
value of automotive
parts and services

PLN 50 bn
value of exported automotive
parts and accessories